Terms and Conditions of Club Membership

For your convenience and to maximize the benefits of our facilities and service, we request that you observe the following conditions of your membership.

Conditions of Entry

During staffed hours please report to reception on arrival and present your membership card. Photograph must be taken for obtaining membership for security reasons.

Personal Liability

Whilst on premises, including the carpark, you and/or your property shall be at your own risk and will not hold The Lodge Fitness Centre responsible for any lost or stolen items while patrons use the facilities.

Towel Policy                                                                     

A 'No towel, no workout' policy applies at the Lodge. A towel is compulsory and must be used when exercising to maintain hygiene and safety standards in ALL areas of the club. You can purchase or hire a towel from reception. (Fees apply) Please wipe down all equipment after use. Disinfectant is available at stations around the club to sanitise your equipment.

Late Arrivals

For your safety, late arrivals will not be admitted to classes after the completion of the warm-up and under no circumstances more than 5 minutes after a class has commenced.


Periodic Payments

Weekly payments will be debited on the Friday of each week unless the due date falls on a non-working or Public Holiday, in which case payment will be processed on the previous working day. It is your responsibility to ensure correct bank or credit card details are given and sufficient cleared funds in the nominated account are available when the payments are due. If the nominated account details change

(eg credit card expiry date, bank account closed or changed) we require notification in advance and in writing. A fee of $11 will apply to each direct debit failure. A pro rata amount may be required before the first periodic payment is due. All membership records and account details will be kept private and confidential to be disclosed only at the request of the customer or Financial Institution in connection with a claim made to an alleged incorrect periodic payment. Prices and terms may be subject to change.

Termination of Membership

Membership may be terminated within the 72 hour cooling off period.

The Lodge Fitness Centre must receive a written request within 72 hours of signing the membership agreement. Amounts paid for Admin Fee and 24/7 Access Card will be retained by the Lodge Fitness Centre to cover administrative costs.

Cancellations outside the 72 hour cooling off period are at Management discretion only. This may include physical incapacity or permanent sickness. The Lodge Fitness Centre requires a written request for the termination advising the nature of the illness or physical incapacity. Supporting documents and medical certificates outlining how this prevents you from utilizing any services or facilities that the Lodge provides, will need to accompany the request.

Termination for any reason before the minimum membership contracted term has been paid will require the remaining balance of the membership to be paid to the club as a one off payment as full and final settlement.

(Plus any outstanding fees owed to our collection agency).

Time Holds/Time Freeze                                                              

The Lodge Fitness Centre does not allow Time Holds of memberships.

Renewal of Membership

Renewal rate will reflect current options at time of expiry. The Lodge Fitness Centre cannot guarantee the current pricing as an option.

The Lodge Fitness Centre reserves the right to terminate the membership agreement in accordance to the following conditions:

a.            Failure the abide by any of the criteria listed on this agreement

b.            Action upon a complaint by either a club member or an employee of the Lodge Fitness Centre.

c.             Finalise any outstanding membership or collection fees

d.            A resignation must be completed in writing.

Use of Equipment & Gym Areas

Re-racking of weights                                                   

Weights must be unloaded from machines and bars and returned to storage spigots/pins when you have finished with them. Eg: Leg Press to be completely unloaded at the end of your set.  Leaning plates against walls or machines is not acceptable. Unloading Fee of $20 will be charged, and you will get ONE warning. Continual offenders WILL BE BANNED.

Dropping of weights & equipment                                          

Dropping of weights is unacceptable in ALL circumstances including on pin loaded machines and in studios during classes. If you can pick it up, you can put it down. You will get ONE warning. Continual offenders WILL BE BANNED.

Removal of Equipment                                                 

Equipment is to be used in its designated area. Please do not move or relocate equipment to other areas and/or rooms. Weights are to NEVER touch the tiled floor of the corridor. Place them gently on the floor while resting. All equipment has a home, please return equipment after each use.

Please share equipment in between sets. It is unreasonable to expect to claim several machines at once or 'hog' multiple sets of dumbbells or barbells. Please be considerate, especially during peak times.

Clothing & Hygiene                                                                        

Closed shoes MUST be worn at all times. Removal of shoes or inappropriate footwear is not acceptable. Deodorant MUST be used at all times.

Behavior & Conduct                                                       

We pride ourselves on being a safe and welcoming family based environment; poor conduct will not be tolerated. Aggression, bullying, excessive swearing and/or derogatory comments will be acted upon immediately. If you are having problems with other gym members, direct your concerns to management. Do not retaliate or confront the other party. Please make sure all areas are left clean and tidy, including rubbish removal and clean up of spills. Please be considerate when using the drink fountain to refill bottles.

Air-conditioning & Fans                                                

Due to occupational health & safety regulations we must supply air to members that require it. Please ensure that you DO NOT switch fans off as some members may require air circulation due to existing medical conditions and/or training intensity.

Personal Training                                                                            

Personal Trainers MUST seek management approval before training anyone at the Lodge. The membership of both members will be cancelled immediately if this is breached.

EFFECTIVE 01/01/2018